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WANTED - Burlesque/Cabaret/Vaudeville acts for show in Melbourne

I'm casting some acts for a show in Melbourne on Friday 6 February 2009 from 8.00pm-9.30pm.

I have the concept and everything else I just need some performers!

I am looking for:

- 1 Burlesque act. Must be old school glamor. Either traditional American or English. No neo-burlesque.

- 1 Comedy/vaudeville act. The kookier the better.

- 1 Sideshow/circus freak act i.e. a contortionist or someone with an unusual gimmick.

- 1 Magician. Must be experienced in working with audiences close by.

The space itself is quite intimate, and holds about 50 people. The format will be 3 x 20 minute slots of performances with 2 x 15 minute intermissions. There is no fixed fee payment. This is a co-op deal. All performers will get equal share of the profits once the venue takes their split. All performers will need to be prepared to perform 3 acts, 1 during each slot.

All acts should be at least 4 minutes in length.

If you would like to be involved and are available on the date specified please let me know. Ideally acts should be 'ready to go' and already well rehearsed.

I am also looking for a few stage hands and general 'helpers' if you are looking for experience in that area.

This is a good chance for you to gain experience working with other performers in a full revue format and also great exposure as each act will have maximum stage time.

Please leave a comment advising what role you are interested in with your contact details (i.e. email address) and also any personal website details where pictures and/or a show reel of your work can be found.

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Dark Circus in Sydney

Hello folks, I'm running another circus event here in Sydney.

I hope you like it cause it's chock full of amazing aerials and freaky sideshow feats.
I drug in some of the locale DJ's so we can have a boogie after the show.
Come and see us on November 14th at the Factory.

Check out www.DarkCircus.com.au for the line up and other details.
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Final show tonight at the Bondi Pavilion Theater from 8pm!

With our MC Manik Jones leading the way, prepared to be amazed, amused, seduced and possibly a little grossed out. Performances by comedic duo Carnivale and Coup, Dangerboy and his deadly assistant Ivy, Benny O, Bunny Hoopster, Danica Lee, Ben Trez, the mysterious one name only Adrian and with music by Charlie McMahon and Gondwana - this is a gathering not to miss!

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Hey folks! Don't forget - Dark Circus is on this weekend.

I'm performing a saucy little fan dance. So get your booty on down to the Roxbury Hotel in Glebe and prepare to whistle, holler and hoot.


Danica Lee
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Hey folks! Just spreading the word about a show on this Saturday 28 June. Its a bit of a mix of cabaret, burlesque and circus. Head on down to Glebe this weekend and check it out :)

Danica Lee

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Singing trapeze artist Mandy Curties aka Misstress Mandarella

Here's a recent video of Mistress Mandarella's New Boots, a one woman circus cabaret comedy show by Mandy Curties. This video features trapeze, splits, aliens while singing operatically her original song 'We Don't Do That Here'. Mandy Curties has performed with Vulcana Women's Circus, Flaunt Circus in Brisbane and Cirque Bizirque of Perth in Australia. She has toured another show in Europe with the same character.

Collapse )

For more scenes from her show http://www.youtube.com/msmandarella
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When I Grow Up
Presented by Trick Circus
Youth-run Circus

ten young acrobats- skilled up, toned up and growing up- grapple with their future in a high energy circus extravaganza. What will YOU be when you grow up?

Delve into a dynamic world of mad scientists, secret agents and ... checkout chicks? Tumbling, table-sliding, contortion and more, are used to energetically explore the pain, excitement, terror and downright insanity of coming of age in the 'noughties'.

in response to a world of great expectations, this dynamic troupe talks back!

"..refreshing and at the cutting edge of physical theatre. " Tony Rook, National Circus Festival

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Throw Down, an independent circus collective, presents their new show Caravan. Life in a suitcase… a group of quirky characters cross paths. Combining high-energy circus skill, humour, heartbreak, eccentricity and danger, Caravan is a fresh look at facing one’s deepest desires.

“Not a show to be missed under any circumstances, Throw Down truly deserves an A+ in entertainment” - Kat McCarthy, 2004 Adelaide Fringe.

Performers Annabel Carberry, Pippa Coram, Adie Delaney, Daniel Rabin, Kyle Raftery and Luke Taylor
Director Ben Lewis

check this out!