Somewhat Damaged (nyted) wrote in auscircus,
Somewhat Damaged

WANTED - Burlesque/Cabaret/Vaudeville acts for show in Melbourne

I'm casting some acts for a show in Melbourne on Friday 6 February 2009 from 8.00pm-9.30pm.

I have the concept and everything else I just need some performers!

I am looking for:

- 1 Burlesque act. Must be old school glamor. Either traditional American or English. No neo-burlesque.

- 1 Comedy/vaudeville act. The kookier the better.

- 1 Sideshow/circus freak act i.e. a contortionist or someone with an unusual gimmick.

- 1 Magician. Must be experienced in working with audiences close by.

The space itself is quite intimate, and holds about 50 people. The format will be 3 x 20 minute slots of performances with 2 x 15 minute intermissions. There is no fixed fee payment. This is a co-op deal. All performers will get equal share of the profits once the venue takes their split. All performers will need to be prepared to perform 3 acts, 1 during each slot.

All acts should be at least 4 minutes in length.

If you would like to be involved and are available on the date specified please let me know. Ideally acts should be 'ready to go' and already well rehearsed.

I am also looking for a few stage hands and general 'helpers' if you are looking for experience in that area.

This is a good chance for you to gain experience working with other performers in a full revue format and also great exposure as each act will have maximum stage time.

Please leave a comment advising what role you are interested in with your contact details (i.e. email address) and also any personal website details where pictures and/or a show reel of your work can be found.

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